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Escape from Iran

Escape from Iran: From Stanford Grad to Islamic Prison is the incredible true story of Dr. Nour Zaghi, an innovative thinker and brilliant engineer embarking upon a promising career in Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum. With two doctorate degrees from Stanford, he dreams of modernizing the country’s groundwater distribution system. But the Islamic Revolution crushes those aspirations right along with the country’s infrastructure. Pivoting into real estate development to support his family, Dr. Zaghi is extraordinarily successful until he is targeted by the Muslim government for his “elitist” lifestyle and Jewish background.

This is the story of an indomitable spirit, a man who, despite repeated swindles, never loses hope for a better tomorrow. When he enters the notorious Adel Abad Prison, witnessing atrocities zealously carried out under the guise of “justice”, he retreats within, relying on his faith to keep him alive and safe inside the ivory tower he’s constructed in his mind.

With incredible courage and resilience, his wife, Shahla, is left to care for their three children while her husband endures prison. Shahla exhibits extraordinary resourcefulness, ultimately arranging for smugglers to spirit her husband out of the country while she flees to safety with the children.

Establishing a new life in the United States presents unforeseen obstacles, but the tenacious pair at last reclaim their freedom and achieve the American dream. By turns infuriating, intriguing, and inspiring, Escape from Iran: From Stanford Grad to Islamic Prison proves that with hope and determination, anything is possible.

Loving the Writer's Life

As a child I always had my nose in a book. To be more accurate, it was usually one book, a couple of magazines, the Life section of the local newspaper, and the occasional textbook. I was the kid that read the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica from aardvark to zygote. Summer vacation meant weekly trips to the library to check out the maximum number of books. It should not have been a surprise that I was wearing glasses by the time I entered sixth grade.

My love for reading was passionate. On a two-week trip to visit my paternal grandparents, I spent the entire stay holed up in the guestroom with the “Little House” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. My grandparents thought I was homesick, but they didn’t understand – I just wanted to be left alone with those coveted books! 

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"She was so quick, and willing to revise in the effort to get it right. I really appreciated that. I would refer Kelly in a heartbeat. She is so easy to communicate with and cares more about the job being done well rather than just 'completed'."

"Kelly was just easy to work with. She's very good at what she does and it's nice to have such a talented person to work with. The project was completed ahead of schedule. Excellent job and will work with her again."

"Kelly was absolutely lovely to work with. She felt like an old friend, which truly helped me in the season I'm in. She listened to my needs and was able to turn my very personal story into something meaningful and enjoyable to read, despite the tough content. Her story telling is beautiful and creative. She was wonderful at taking feedback and making necessary changes. I would absolutely recommend her and work with her again."

"Kelly was awesome! She was able to express who I am in 340 words. She far exceeded my expectations! She is gifted with her words. When I need someone for writing skills, she is now my go-to."

Co-author of the Acclaimed YA Novel:

The Clash Inside Me

ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Adaptation Review: THE CLASH INSIDE ME is a highly compelling story of a man’s struggle with dissociative personality disorder. The narrator is a likable, charismatic protagonist, and the reader feels fully invested in seeing him find a sense of peace as he manages the battling voices in his head. The protagonist’s two alternate personalities — Charlie and Klay — are clearly defined principal characters as well, with Charlie emerging as the truly sinister main antagonist of the story…

From Reviewer A. Avina: Memorable, engaging, and thoughtful in its approach, authors John Mondragon and Kelly Alblinger’s “The Clash Inside Me” is a must-read fiction thriller with a mental health focus. The intrigue and suspense of the main plot, when combined with the emotional journey of the protagonist and his struggle with his mental health, makes for an amazing read.

The authors found the perfect balance between entertaining narrative and emotionally driven character growth under the umbrella of understanding dissociative identity disorder more clearly. The narrative was definitely character-driven, focusing on the protagonist and his alters in vivid and gritty detail. The fast-paced narrative made the reading experience fun yet thought-provoking.


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Kelly is a prolific ghostwriter with hundreds of works to her (unnamed) credit. Her work includes novels, memoirs, handbooks, self-help guides, screenplays, articles, blog posts, and works of non-fiction.

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Changes in Me During Puberty:

How to Talk to your Daughter About Girls Hormones, Physical Development and Periods

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