This is a selection of articles written for clients across a variety of industries. Some are lightweight and fun (fashion) while others deal with more serious subjects (dehydration in seniors). Occasionally there is an obvious marketing spin (choosing a recliner was written for a furniture store website), while others are more subtle (the MLK piece was crafted for a credit union blog). My personal favorites are the articles relating to psychology (pain/growth, procrastination) because they were fascinating to research. Admittedly, the chapter review of the book Stretch is not an article, but I think you will enjoy it.

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Meditation for Beginners

Meditation. For beginners it feels intimidating, mysterious; impossible to master. It means sitting motionless for hours, wiping all thoughts from the mind, chanting mystical mantras.

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There is a thief among us. He is an elusive, insidious adversary that robs us of our precious time, energy, and productivity; a silent stalker

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Deep Cleans

Spring Cleaning Tricks: Do These Deep Cleans in Under an Hour Spring cleaning is an amazing phenomenon. It’s the one time we don’t mind attacking

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