DOLLY W is the self-styled VP of Getting It Done.

“I am zealous about health and happiness, and it is my privilege to work for a company, BetterUp, that teaches people how to achieve those objectives for themselves and for their teams. What could be better than guiding people to live with greater clarity, passion, and purpose?”

With her extensive background in consultative sales and management, Dolly is uniquely suited to her current position of Senior Account Executive. She views her work as a partnership. “The pandemic upended occupational norms, and the traditional workplace is changing daily. Both management and employees are looking for ways to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. They want to reduce burnout while increasing efficiency, productivity, and growth. The BetterUp platform can bring them together by leveraging holistic, science-based strategies that create lasting behavior changes. As a result, success follows quickly because the team feels inspired and empowered. My job is to present the opportunity then hold the door open.”

Leadership is a quality that comes naturally to Dolly. She has a diverse background in medical sales and in higher education courseware. In her rookie year with Pearson Education she earned the coveted rank of Top Performer – then exceeded her rookie accomplishment the following year, again earning a Top Performer designation. In a subsequent position with McGraw-Hill Education, Dolly successfully implemented and managed digital technology and print products across four disciplines and authorships. Lured back to Pearson, she stepped up to an Executive Directorship where she was responsible for communicating leadership’s vision and goals to execute strategic solutions and sales.

Although she enjoyed her work, Dolly knew that she had not yet connected with her purpose. Everspring, Inc. offered her a VP position and the opportunity to utilize her technology prowess by partnering with colleges and universities across the country to launch online graduate programs. That inspired Dolly to level-up her own education, and she enrolled in the MBA program at Louisiana State University. She previously received her BA in Political Science through the same institution.

The introduction to BetterUp proved to be a turning point, not only in Dolly’s career, but in her life as well. She is now able to combine her love for coaching individuals with her technological proficiency. “The platform amplifies the interactive opportunities, and the individual and team coaching humanizes the technology. BetterUp’s mobile platform allows me to meet people in their comfort zone. That means that they are more willing to listen and learn, and inside that space is where positive change happens.”

In addition to her work and MBA program, Dolly is a busy wife and mom to two daughters. A lifelong learner, she devours books and enjoys spending time in nature. Dolly is designated as a “Living Donor”, an honor she received two years ago when she donated a kidney to a dear friend. “I’m in love with life, and I live it out loud. I am an evangelist for happiness. I truly believe that if you are happier at work then you will take that attitude home to those you love.”