Hayley R

I am delighted to join the surFACEskin team and to introduce the art of Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine is based on the belief that vital energy flows through the human body, and that balancing that energy flow contributes to overall wellness. Our natural energetic rhythms can become blocked by stress, anxiety, illness, or physical disorders. Stagnant energy frequently leads to physical or psychological pain.

My goal as an energy healer is to use a variety of modalities to help you release trapped energy, and to bring your body back into harmonious balance. During a healing session, I will hold space for you to discuss the issues or blockages that you are facing. I call upon my spirit guides to initiate healing with unconditional love and divine light. Each session is highly individualized, and may include Reiki techniques, crystal healing, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, or sound therapy.

Although Energy Healing is enjoying popularity as a complement to traditional medical treatments, it has roots in many ancient cultures. I have been fortunate to study with skilled mentors including Mike O’Sullivan (Reiki master), Rita Joanne (crystal healing & chakra balance), Mary DaSilva (spiritual medium & healer), Dena Young-Kenyon (spirit weaver), and Sylvia Marina (energy healer). Along with their training I incorporate my own deeply empathic and intuitive gifts to support your journey and to help you cultivate health, vitality, strength, clarity, joy, and natural ease.

I believe that when we are ready, we are instinctively drawn to those who can support and enhance our personal growth, spiritual evolution, and healing. I am honored that you have been guided to me.