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With more than fifteen years of experience in the field of Worker’s Compensation law, Kevin X has one very specific piece of advice for injured workers: PROTECT YOURSELF.

“That is rule Number One,” Kevin says. “If you experience an injury related to your employment, you need to preserve your rights under the law. Promptly report the incident to your employer and immediately engage the services of an experienced Worker’s Comp attorney.”

“Remember, a condition that seems minor in the moment could develop into a chronic issue in the future. There is a short window of time to establish a legal baseline for keeping your options open in case you need to be treated months or even years down the road. And even if your employer is cooperating that doesn’t mean that you are protected.”

Worker’s Compensation cases can be complex, and can seem even more confusing when you are not at your best after an injury. Kevin listens carefully as clients describe their symptoms and the situation that caused them, picking up subtle clues that help him develop an effective legal strategy. He uses this knowledge, along with superior organization skills and self-discipline, as tools to produce winning results in lawsuits.

It can be difficult to understand the proceedings at any point in the process, so having an experienced, trusted advisor by your side is essential. Kevin X is that advisor. As a young law clerk he assisted with a workplace injury case where the client’s pain was physically debilitating and the employer insisted that it not be reported, creating severe emotional distress for the client. Bearing witness to that injustice set the trajectory for Kevin’s future career.

Before earning his Juris Doctorate from La Verne Law School in 2005, Kevin worked for an insurance defense firm, giving him firsthand experience in how the “other side” operates. He understands that every case is unique, and with his knowledge and experience Kevin achieves excellent results when negotiating with opposing attorneys or when presenting a case before the court.

“I value the trust that clients place in me during an uncertain and often frightening chapter in their lives. I do my job with integrity and respect, and because of that my reputation in the legal community speaks for itself. Please contact me if I can be of service.”