Miami Women Book Launch

Miami Women is an ode to the beauty and diversity that defines this unique coastal metropolis. Photographer Femke Tewari introduces us to heroes, crusaders, trailblazers, creators, and water women captured against appealing locales throughout the city.

As told in their own words, every individual story is distinct and compelling. Whether native-born or transplanted, each woman offers inspiration, strength, wisdom, and a joyful love for life. Gorgeous photography reveals the inner beauty of each participant in vivid detail.

From refugees to surfers to philanthropists and politicians, Miami Women highlights the authentic voices of Miami’s cultural melting pot.

"Over the years many people have written about me and my work with Third Wave Volunteers. No one has ever captured my spirit before now. They get me!" - Dr. Alison Thompson speaking about her profile in MIAMI WOMEN.
Dr. Alison Thompson
Founder & CEO, Third Wave Volunteers