“I am an outspoken advocate for victims of domestic violence. I’ve been in their shoes; I’ve experienced the worst. And I survived. My motto is, Each one, Teach one. Educate people at risk. Prevent needless deaths at the hands of abusers.”

As the survivor of physical, emotional, and financial abuse perpetrated by her late husband, PAULETTA P has experienced firsthand the trauma of domestic violence and the struggle involved in rebuilding a shattered life.

Pauletta’s journey began many years prior to the pivotal event that changed her life. A respected professional, Pauletta enjoyed an executive position with a major electronic component manufacturer in Southern California. But hidden in the shadows was the abuse that she suffered at home. Her husband attempted to start a business and failed, and in his frustration, he shot Pauletta four times then turned the gun on himself. That was January 2010.

Beginning her long road to recovery, Pauletta learned that her husband had taken out several lines of credit in her name and defaulted on them, destroying her good credit. The economic impact of his reckless actions was both devastating and long lasting. It took many years of diligent effort to repair the damage. All the while, she was working just as hard on healing physically and emotionally from the trauma.

In 2013, Pauletta made a bold move to New York to head up Finance, Accounting, and Administration for two lifestyle brands, Adopted, Inc. and Caeden, Inc. She remained until 2016, when she felt called to helm her own business, and returned to Southern California.

Not content to remain a victim, Pauletta became a certified advocate against domestic violence. She is an active member of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, and serves as a Board Member and Financial Secretary for Voices Against Violence for Women and Children. She shares her story willingly, frequently speaking to at-risk populations, civic groups, and women’s groups. “Domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions in our country. We need to break the cycle through education and awareness. So many people have grown up with violence in the home and they consider it normal – they don’t know anything different. That needs to stop.”

Pauletta is particularly concerned with helping victims discover a new path to prosperity. In 2016, she founded Flutrr, an online marketplace specifically created to provide a secure and confidential platform for victims of abuse, domestic violence, and sexual trafficking to sell their artistic creations. The site was inspired by her own journey, and for many participants, it serves as their first step toward economic independence.