Podcast Episode Descriptions

I began working with Brandon Reed of the 12-Hour Sound Machines Podcast in 2022. This unique podcast provides twelve hours of the same sound (or mix of sounds) repeated without loops, fades, or interruptions. Listeners use this backdrop to block unwanted noise, increase focus, and its most popular application, to induce sleep.

Brandon began to diversify the content of the podcasts, and hired me to not only describe the distinctive sounds featured in each mix, but to evoke specific feelings and emotions with the descriptions.

By the close of 2022, 12HSM was the #14 podcast in the US on Spotify. That translates into 300,000 downloads per day. The podcast has been accessed by more than 67 million listeners around the globe. You can follow the links below to check it out, or listen on your favorite podcast platform.

This on-going project allows my imagination to roam, and challenges me to keep the content tight and impactful. And frankly, it’s just plain fun!

Relax – you’re going to be here awhile. Sit back and take in the unique sounds of the laundromat: the quarters clinking into the coin slots, the gurgle of water as the industrial washing machines fill, followed by the swish of the agitators as the soapy water releases soils from the fabric. The spin cycle revs up, then the whole process repeats. Underscoring all this activity, the vibration of oversized dryers provides a steady, reassuring hum. The air is warm and moist, and pleasantly scented by aromatic cleansers. Take this time out for yourself; let the machines do the work. Enjoy the down time.  Listen Now>>

The first stirrings of life. A quick heartbeat, strong and steady. Vitally connected, at one with its mother but still an individual. Every need satisfied, safe in a snug, warm, fluid environment. Dreaming of the day that it will emerge from the protective cocoon to become someone’s beloved. But for now, remain nurtured in the womb, sheltered and shielded from harm, floating in a state of pure bliss. Listen Now >>

A massive fireplace dominates the space in the Gryffindor Common Room. Settle yourself in an overstuffed chair in front of the dancing flames and allow the cares of the day to recede. This space is serene. The quiet turning of book pages sounds loud here, even though down the corridor you can hear lively voices celebrating yet another victory on the Quidditch pitch. Crimson and gold tapestries adorn the walls in the House of Gryffindor, representing the element of fire. The sturdy furniture, now comfortably worn, has served many generations of future wizards. Restful and secure, this room feels like home. Draw a mug of Butter Beer and relax. Listen Now >>

Let the merry sounds of the Polar Express lift your spirits. Children chatter excitedly – they’re on the way to meet Santa! Each turn of the train’s wheels clattering along the track brings them closer to Saint Nick. Contented chaperones stir steaming cups of tea, amused by the children’s cheerful anticipation. Outside, in the frozen darkness, lone wolves howl mournful greetings as the warm and jolly caravan moves toward the lights of its destination, glowing just over the horizon. Hop aboard for a magical journey to the North Pole! Listen Now >>

The desert comes alive at night! When the heat of the day has passed, nocturnal creatures come out to sing their eternal songs. Crickets, cicadas, and night birds of all kinds send their praise to the vast, star-filled sky. In the distance, a horned owl calls out for its mate. Underscoring it all, the persistent rush of the warm desert wind sends dry brush skittering across the sands. It is a timeless cycle endlessly repeated, yet unique and beautiful every night. Listen Now >>

Gentle waves caress the beach as the sun sinks slowly on the western horizon. Feel the tender rays of warmth touch your skin as the golden hour arrives. The reassuring crescendo of the waves will remain through the night, inviting you, like the sun, to release the burdens of the day and prepare for rest. Learn More >>