Shobna K wears many hats: entrepreneur, pastry chef, wife, mother, coach, and author. Gifted with many talents, Shobna pivoted from a career in engineering to pursue her dream of creating delectable desserts. Today she handles her diverse roles with enthusiasm and dedication, meticulously mastering each facet of her life.

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu (Ottawa) and founder of the beloved Soirette Pastry Boutique in Vancouver, Shobna has been showcasing her culinary skills to rave reviews for more than fifteen years. A certified master in the art of French pastry, Shobna brings a fresh perspective to traditional desserts by incorporating the flavours of her Malaysian childhood. Her custom mooncakes were a particular favourite at Vancouver’s annual Mid-Autumn Festival.

“Soirette earned a solid reputation as the destination for flawless desserts, but my instinct was urging me to expand the boundaries. I experimented with new flavours and textures, and the customer response was tremendous. They were clamoring for our seasonal offerings. That’s when I knew I was on the right track!”

Always an innovator, Shobna continues to parlay her skills into new ventures. Her latest project is coaching; she works with restaurants and small businesses to develop their pastry programs. “An impeccably crafted dessert reflects the skills of the chef, but it also expresses appreciation and respect for those who eat it. For me, baking has always been about love.”

Shobna cares deeply for her community, making it a priority to give back. She wants to mentor women in the hospitality industry, particularly immigrants like herself. “A few people thought that I was crazy switching my focus after completing University and becoming successful in engineering. But I did that, you know? There was no need to keep proving that I could do it when my heart was calling me elsewhere. I took the perseverance and the skills I learned in the engineering field and applied them to becoming the best pastry chef that I could be. That not only allowed me to graduate with honors, but it gave me the stamina to build Soirette from the ground up and make it spectacularly successful. So I say to other women, ‘Use what you’ve got!’ Take your strengths and turn them in a new direction. You are limitless.”

As a Food Network Canada personality, Shobna appreciates the opportunity to connect with viewers about her passion for baking. With a cookbook of sweet treats in development, she is excited about reaching a new audience and sharing her recipes. “It’s all about joy – the happiness you feel when you make something special for those you love and the delight they experience from your creation.”